The Perth Birth Link

Progress starts with a step, how big will your step be?

Taking the steps together

Up to 43% of Australian women categorise their birth as traumatic, that works out to approximately 110,000 women. 

As a community, the Perth Birth Link will aim to walk all 110,000 steps this week together. Healing from trauma is a journey that can only be taken one step at a time and taking those steps with your village makes it that much easier. That is why we are participating as a group chipping away at our target one day at a time.

Please donate to this worthy cause. If you know a mother chances are you know someone affected by this.  

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The Perth Birth Link

Money raised by walking through our community with a donation tin


Katie Kulacz

Great cause, we’ll done guys 👏🏼


Marie Blair

Brilliant cause and thank you for Sharing.




Andrea Potsey-james

Awesome cause, best of luck!


Lauren March


Daniela Perkins

Great work


Amy O'meagher


Aunty Pam

Wonderful cause ♥️


Adriana Nolan