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The Australasian Birth Trauma Association (ABTA) is a charity dedicated to helping prevent, diagnose and treat birth-related trauma. Up to 1 in 3 women consider their birth experience to be traumatic. Fathers, non-birthing parents and even health professionals can also experience birth-related trauma. 

About the ABTA

ABTA is a charity founded by women for women. Even on a tiny budget and an almost entirely volunteer workforce, we deliver national support services for women and non-birthing parents who have experienced birth-related trauma. We strive to achieve this through advocacy, education, research and peer-led support.

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What is Birth-related Trauma?

Birth-related trauma includes any injury or trauma, whether physical or psychological, sustained at any time in connection with pregnancy, labour and birth or the postnatal experience. Leading to short and/or long-term negative impacts on indivduals health and wellbeing. Birth-related trauma impacts not only mothers and birthing parents but fathers, non-birthing parents and other people witnessing or providing care in relation to pregnancy and birth, including health professionals.

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Birth Trauma Awareness Week

Birth Trauma Awareness Week runs from 17-23 July 2023; we aim to raise awareness about birth-related trauma, how to recognise the signs and symptoms and ultimately, let parents know that they aren't alone and that help and support is available. We run the BIG STEP Challenge this week in support of our goals.

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Birth is wonderful.

But sometimes birth is frightening.
Sometimes birth is physically damaging.
Sometimes birth is nothing like you hoped or planned.
It’s hard to hear, but important to say: birth can be traumatic.
But it doesn’t need to be, and there’s help if it is.
Need to talk about your birth?

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When the ABTA was founded in 2016, one of our objectives included reducing the rates of birth-related trauma in Australia. Over this time, we have seen an increasing number of first-time parents seeking advice and guidance on birth preparation and we are frequently asked ‘How can we best prepare for our next pregnancy and birth?' by families who have previously experienced birth-related trauma.

In response to this need, and in line with our founding objective, we have developed THINKNATAL, a series of educational resources aimed at providing support and information on a variety of topics that are often excluded or underrepresented in existing antenatal education. This is in collaboration with consumers and a range of clinicians involved in maternity care, such as midwives, obstetricians, pelvic health physiotherapists and mental health clinicians.

Our philosophy is to encourage a collaborative, multi-disciplinary and individualised approach to pregnancy, birth and postpartum care that recognises each person’s life experiences, values, wants, needs and physical health requirements and we encourage our health professionals to do the same.

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