Peer2Peer Meets Team

Progress starts with a step, how big will your step be?

Peer2Peer Meets Team

The BIG Step Challenge is the biggest fundraiser of the year for the Australasian Birth Trauma Association. 

The money raised helps us to continue our important work to this includes providing vital peer-to-peer support services to parents impacted by birth-related trauma. 

Peer2Peer Meets is a six week program designed for mothers who may have complicated or negative feelings about their birth. Help us continue to offer this program to parents for free. 

Progress can only happen one step at a time, and it starts with a single step.

Thank you to our Sponsors


Wendy Phillips

Great work Gabsie


Hayes Family

Go for it Gab!! xxxx


Remana Ashton


Tess And Giaco

Great work Gabs!


Gabrielle Magee


Liz Cooke


Jan & John Goldsworthy

Thanks Gabby and your team for your work with the Australasia Birth Trauma Assoc. and best wishes for the Big Step Challenge.




Beth Marriott