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Progress starts with a step, how big will your step be?

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This July, we are taking on the BIG STEP CHALLENGE to take one big step and make it bigger everyday.

We are working as a team in support of safer births, better healing and raising funds to support the Australasian Birth Trauma Association (ABTA).

The ABTA is a peer-led community dedicated to helping Australian and New Zealanders prevent and heal from birth-related trauma. The ABTA does this through advocacy, education, research and peer-led support.

1 in 3 Australian women identify their birth as traumatic and research suggests that 10-20% of first-time mothers may suffer major irreversible physical birth trauma. Anyone can experience birth-related trauma including people giving birth, partners, friends and family members of people giving birth and other people witnessing a birth or providing care in relation to pregnancy and birth, including health professionals. It's likely that you know someone who has experienced birth-related trauma.

You can help make a difference. Support our BIG STEP!

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Christine Groves