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I'm fundraising for a safer births in Australia

This July, I'm taking on the BIG STEP challenge.  

I am doing this in support of safer births, better healing and raising funds to support the Australasian Birth Trauma Association (ABTA).

ABTA is Australia's peak charity dedicated to helping to prevent, diagnose, and treat birth-related trauma.  ABTA listens to the voices of birthing parents and responds to the unmet needs of families across Australia.

Birth-related trauma is any trauma or injury, whether physical or psychological, sustained at any time in connection with pregnancy, labour or birth, leading to short and/ or long-term negative impacts on an individual’s health and wellbeing.  Anyone can experience birth-related trauma, including mothers, people giving birth, fathers, non-birthing parents and other people witnessing a birth or providing care in relation to pregnancy and birth, including health professionals.

Up to 43% of mother's consider their birth experience to be traumatic.  The ripple effect of birth-related trauma is far-reaching, alongside mental health challenges, it may impact bonding with baby, self-esteem, intimate relationships, relationships with friends and family, ability to exercise, decisions to have more children, maintain a social life or the ability to return to work or care for their family.

You can help make a difference. Support my BIG STEP!

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Wednesday 5th Jul
Hey guys, if you’ve come this far then thank you 🙏 this is a cause that’s very close to my heart after going through birth trauma with my beautiful daughter Georgie. Mums that have suffered through birth trauma need support and care to help in their healing journeys! If you have anything to spare, please help me support this great cause! Alternatively you can join my team Georgie’s friends to achieve our goal 😊

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