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I'm fundraising for a great cause!

I'm #startingtheconversation and joining Walk N Talk!

On Saturday September 12, I'm joining the hundreds as we Walk N Talk in support of The Australasian Birth Trauma Association (ABTA).

ABTA is a national charity committed to reducing the instance and impact of birth-related trauma whilst supporting affected women, families and health professionals.

WARNING graphic details

As many of you know, we have been blessed with three beautiful children. They are all such little individuals and we are so fortunate to have them in our lives. 

What many of you may not know, is that all three of them were born naturally. Some of you might say “Wow! How lucky were you, being able to do that three times”. And yes, many aspects of birth I am lucky and thankful for. However, there are also many aspects that I’m not so lucky for. Aspects that don’t get spoken about. Aspects that are often dismissed. Aspects that, we as women, often feel embarrassed or ashamed to talk about, even with other women.

There can be costs to natural child birth. Costs that can last a lifetime. I’ve lost a lip (and not the facial kind) and had it stitched back on. I’ve been stitched too tight, I’ve been stitched too little and I’ve not been stitched (when maybe I should have). And as far as pelvic floor goes, well that’s something I continue to work on and will need to for the rest of my life.

For those who don’t know much about the pelvic floor, it’s the muscle that holds up all your girly bits. As a very experienced physio once told me, “It’s like the bra for your bladder, vagina, uterus, and bowel”. It’s also the muscle that holds everything UP during pregnancy. So after having a baby (particularly a big baby) that muscle is stretched and well, damn tired. After 3 babies, you can only imagine what that muscle is like........ Let’s just say, feeling like your organs are rattling around inside of you and that they will end up on the floor during a star jump, ain’t a pretty feeling!

And let’s not even get me started on poorly attended tears. Did you know there is only a 24 hour window following birth to act on these things. Once healed, any fix ups are at the cost of the individual person and come with large price tags. So many women out there, just do the best they can with what access they have around them, and some aren’t able to do much at all. It’s something they live with, and are impacted by for the rest of their lives. 

That’s why we need to #starttheconversation. We need to start it for all those new mums going home alone and feeling ashamed or embarrassed. We need to start it for all those mums who have experience it, sort support and work hard to maintain their health. We need to start it for all those ladies who live with the after affects of having had surgery in an attempt to fix it. We need to start it for those women who have had it happen to them, and do the best they can, and live with it everyday. We need to start it for all those ladies who feel dismissed, ashamed or embarrassed to talk about it. 

I know times are tough, but please give if you can you can (every little bit counts). 

1 in 3 Australian women identify their birth as traumatic and research suggests that 10-20% of first-time mothers may suffer major irreversible physical birth trauma. It's likely that you know someone who has experienced birth trauma.

The ABTA is almost entirely funded by donations and I hope to raise vital funds and awareness for them. Please donate to my fundraising and every dollar will help ABTA expand their support service/reach more women in need Nationwide.

For too long women and families have suffered in silence, but the power is in sharing our stories and using our voices so other people don’t need to walk this journey alone. #starttheconversation.

You can help make a difference. Please help by supporting my Walk n Talk.

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