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During the week 19-25th July, I'm joining the Walk N Talk in support of the Australasian Birth Trauma Association (ABTA).

The ABTA is a peer-led community dedicated to helping Australian and New Zealanders prevent and heal from birth-related trauma. The ABTA does this through advocacy, education, research and peer-led support.

1 in 3 Australian women identify their birth as traumatic and research suggests that 10-20% of first-time mothers may suffer major irreversible physical birth trauma. Anyone can experience birth-related trauma including people giving birth, their partner, family and friends and even health professionals. It's likely that you know someone who has experienced birth-related trauma, even if they haven't spoken about it before.

The ABTA is almost entirely funded by donations and I hope to raise vital funds and awareness for them. Your donations will help fund vital programs that better prepare women for birth and help all those impacted by birth trauma towards a better recovery.

For too long women and families have suffered in silence, but the power is in sharing our stories and using our voices so other people don't need to walk this journey alone.

You can help make a difference. Please help by supporting my Walk n Talk #starttheconversation #betterhealing #walkntalk

My Updates

Boom - Accumulative half marathon done!

Friday 23rd Jul
Not counting the netball kms I had every intention on only doing 3kms today, but then the baby slept longer and I thought I’d just keep at it expecting not to get to a full 5km. But alas! Again the running gods smiled upon me and I made it without so much as a whimper from the little one. She’s been sleeping well throughout this week. Perhaps the running gods are trying to tell me I have every reason to get back into running. Hell, I’ve even enjoyed this challenge. Wonder what will be next.


Friday 23rd Jul
Played netball this morning, wing the first half Centre the second but I couldn’t help but feel that’s be cheating to count the kms. Which was approx 2km not that I was counting. In any case I logged it on Strava anyhow. We lost by one goal… bummer

Rest Day

Wednesday 21st Jul
The much needed rest day. I was still up at 4am and trained weights at 5. Worked a bit then actually really rested. Ate a bit too much coconut yoghurt but am getting early to bed. Weights again tomorrow and possibly a swim with baby and then few kms if I’m feeling it in the evening. Yippee kae aye!

The dressing gown run

Tuesday 20th Jul
My second run today to accumulate a total of 8kms again. I had to do this one late after everyone was in bed, freezing and consequently in a dressing gown for half of it. I would’ve got a picture but I was running in the dark and struggling to keep my balance at the best of times. Overall I’m stoked I’ve managed 16km over two days, which leaves me plenty of wriggle room to complete the rest. I have to admit my ol knees and bones were pleading for some additional flaxseed oil in my smoothie today though. Therefore I’ll schedule a rest day tomorrow and then pick it back up for a short hit out on Thursday. Sans dressing gown. 21kms doesn’t seem like a lot to an ex-runner but for someone who hasn’t done more than a mad dash to the toilet in the last 5 years I don’t quite remember it feeling this far……

21 Kms never felt so far

Monday 19th Jul
Originally I set myself the goal of 3km per day to reach 21km for the week. But then I reconciled my other commitments and realized that wasn’t going to happen nor would it be intelligent having no rest days for my unconditioned body. Therefore I decided to just trot along with a distance I felt I could do for today and see what happens. Ha ha Why not! Surprisingly, I managed 8kms all up, even after a fairly intensive weights session this morning. Day 1: So far so good. 👍 My distance today did have to be split between two sessions given I had my little one tearing around this afternoon. She will only tolerate so many wiggles songs and playing in the baby jail or I should say playpen. Despite my efforts to maintain enthusiastic hand clapping and waving actions to ‘hot potato’ whilst trying not to have a treadmill fail. ♿️ Between runs there was housework, cooking dinners, bathing and breastfeeding. Perhaps that’s why I managed a little further later this evening I would’ve been at least 300mls lighter! Or perhaps it was because I didn’t have rockabye bear dance moves to coordinate whilst running. 🕺🏼 A quick thank you to my little one Tate who let me sneak in a few kms early this arvo in what would normally be mummy playtime and who I know will still wake tomorrow with a beaming smile and no grudge against me. 🧡

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