Walk n Support for those impacted by birth-related trauma

Walk n Support - Sunday 24 July 2022. 

Help us reach our vision for safer births and better healing. By fundraising you can help the Australasian Birth Trauma Association to support the 1 in 3 Australian women and their families who have been impacted by birth related trauma.

Choose from an organised walk in Melbourne, Brisbane, Gold Coast, Sydney, South West Sydney, Canberra and Wagga Wagga at 11am local time on Sunday 24th July. Location details in FAQs.

If you can't make it to an organised event you can still participate, fundraise and walk wherever you are located. 

1. Sign up

Register to Walk n Support those impacted by birth trauma, you can buy an ABTA t-shirt to wear on the day, or maybe even get a team together! Be it friends, family or colleagues, anyone you want to share this journey with. 

2. Fundraise

Ask for support, share your fundraising page with family, friends and colleagues. Money raised supports ABTA's work, including peer support services, antenatal education resources, and a growing body of advocacy work that includes the collection of critical data to shed light on this issue.

3. Walk n Support

Join us for a walk at 11am on Sunday 24th July. Share your story and encourage others to share theirs. #IwishIdknown #treatbirthtrauma #saferbirthsbetterhealing. #ABTAbirthtraumaawarenessweek2022 #birthtraumaawarenessweek2022

Help us provide birth-related trauma support services.

In Australia, 1 in 3 women identify their births as traumatic and, of those women, one in 20 will develop symptoms of post-traumatic stress and,1 in 4 first-time mothers suffer major physical injuries such a perineal tears and pelvic floor muscle trauma. Fathers and partners can also experience trauma from the birth proccess. Birth-related trauma is alarmingly common and represents a signifigant public health issue.

Help us continue to provide birth-related trauma support services and unbiased, evidenced-based, consumer-led material on a variety of topics that are typically excluded or underrepresented in antenatal education.

With your help we can help educate birthing families and health care professionals about birth injuries and if you are suffering where you can go for care.

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When is the Walk n Support?

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The Walk n Support is happening during Birth Trauma Awareness Week at 11am on Sunday 24th July.

Where is the walk?

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Locations are:

Melbourne - Albert Park Lake,

Canberra - Lake Burley Griffin

Brisbane - Southbank, meet at the channel 7 ferris wheel

Sydney - Athol Hall to Chowder Bay

Wagga Wagga - Wagga Tourist Information Centre Tarcutta St,

Gold Coast - The Great Lawn Broadwater Parklands at the stage

South West Sydney - Bigge Park, Bigge Street, Liverpool.

When you register you will be added to a private Facebook group where further details will be provided. 

What do I have to do?

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Walk for 5km or as much or as little as you like while wearing your ABTA t-shirts at 11am on Sunday 24th July during Birth Trauma Awareness Week. Please take a photo to add to social media. Share your story and encourage others to share theirs and raise much needed funds to support birth trauma support services and awareness.

Let's work together 

In Australia, 1 in 3 women identify their birth as traumatic and, 1 in 4 mothers suffer major physical damage such a perineal tears and pelvic floor muscle injuries. These experiences often leave a long-lasting impact on a woman’s physical and mental well-being, their ability to bond with their baby, their relationship with their partner, family, friends, their sense of self and many women are unable to return to work if they wish to do so.

The ABTA wants women and their families to know that they aren’t alone and that there is help and support available. We are proud to amplify the voices of the women who are brave enough to share their stories with us each year, in the hope that they could help others. Those that live with a feeling of isolation, that are suffering in silence and unsure of how to get help.

We encourage each and every person impacted by a trauma from the birth experience to speak out if you can and get support. We encourage health professionals reading this to #treatbirthtrauma so that more can be done to better prevent, diagnose and treat birth trauma.

Connect with the ABTA Community

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